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Fly Tying

Tribute to our Nation and Armed Forces.

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For all the men and women serving in our armed forces past and present; this is for you.


For those on watch and in harm’s way right now so that we sleep safely tonight; this is for you.


For the families of our troops; this is for you.


To those that have made the ultimate sacrifice; Thank You. You will not be forgotten!


Proudly tied with honor and respect.


In God We Trust



Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) United States Marine Corps



Semper Fortis (Always Courageous) United States Navy



Army Strong - United States Army



Above All - United States Air Force



Semper Paratus (Always Ready) United States Coast Guard.



To the friends and allies of the U.S. Thank you for your support.


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Nice bunch of married wings ,Dave. Great theme too.You should frame those.



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Excellent job! And a big THANK YOU for remembering to include Semper Paratus- it always makes me sad when people forget (or are ignorant) that USCG is a proud old member of our Armed Forces.

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Hi Dave,


Great job on the flies and the theme is GREAT! Too bad the Post Office doesn't use them for a set of stamps. Let us see the flies/frame if you decide to "put them under glass." Take care & ...


Tight Lines - Al Beatty


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Thanks all! I do intend to frame them. If anyone has a suggestion for a background, I am all ears. I am computer savvy so I could design something in Photoshop.


Also, this will be my first attempt at framing. Does anyone have a website or instruction on mounting them to the back board? I do have some ideas but I'd rather hear from proven experience.



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