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Naming a Fly  

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I don't bother naming anything except for laughs. When you consider the numbers of fly tiers out there and the number of years they've been tying, the odds are pretty slim that "new" creations haven't already been thought up by somebody, somewhere. Naming flies is harmless enough, since we all have the same materials to work with, and a lot of us arrive at the same conclusions independently. What does bother me is when somebody takes a Lefty's big-eyed deceiver, moves the wing a tiny fraction of a inch, calls it "So-and-So's Big-eyed Baitfish," and gets it listed in fly catalogs as an original. (you saltwater guys probably know who I'm talking about) There's no excuse for that kind of crap.

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Coach Bob........take a look at the Steelhead/Salmon page..........you'll get an idea of how i name flies. The name comes after the fly is tyed. Have to see it finished before i can name it. There's a bunch of them on the first page there right now. Later, mark..... ;)

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