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Looking for Bronze Blue Dun Hackle

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they sell a metz grade 3 but to tell you the truth i would rather a grade 2 or 1 any ways it blue dun are you looking for light blue dun or med blue dun or dark blue dun i think i have half of a med blue dun from cabelas i can get a pic up if you need it that bad any ways good luck and tight lines rhino.............






also try anglersworkshop.com







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bear-kodiak....Maybe I ought to tell you why I ask,ehh?? !! I make my home in the Lehigh Valley. In Somerset NJ,there are two shows every year dealing with fly tying/fishing. These are about an hour away from me! I usually have no problem ordering hackle through the mail,if I HAVE to. When it comes to colors that there is not much question about (brown,grizzly,white,etc.) However,if I were looking for something like a bronze dun, I think I'd want to see it in-hand before I bought it. All (and I do mean ALL) of the fly shops in my area have folded their tents,so these two shows are the only real oppurtunity I have to purchase materials "hands on". What I'm getting around to,is that if you aren't TOO far west,it might be worth the trip.


(provided of coursse that you don't need these feathers today!!) I mention it,because when I was there in January,it seemed to me that there was an unusually high number of hackle merchants in attendance. Seemed like everywhwere I looked,there were piles of necks and saddles,in every color imaginable!! Some sweet deals as well. Just a thought!!





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Just to clarify, are you talking about a bronze GRADE blue dun, or a bronze-blue dun COLOR?


If you're looking for bronze grade, many of the dun whiting capes or saddles may be dyed. That may be OK with you or not, depending on what you're looking for.


As already mentioned, Conranch is a good source for natural duns of various colors and you can check out the colors on the website and actually speak to Denny or Liz to see what they have on hand. They can also answer questions as to whether a neck or saddle would be best for whatever you're tying. Good folks.


Other possibilities are Herbert Miner capes and Collins (sold as Cape + Saddle). Lots of beautiful natural duns in various colors including "brassy dun" in Herbert Miner. You might check with www.jimsflyco.com He has a deal going on now with Herbert Miner Pro Grade capes for about $25 that will probably tie around sizes 10-18. Collins has a "bronze dun" that often pops up. You can order direct from Charlie or http://store.catskillflies.com/fly-tying-m...ins-hackle.html or www.Greatfeathers.com


Hope this helps.



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