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Fly Tying
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Four Bird Soft Hackle

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(Turkey Tail + Pheasant Tail + Peacock Herl + Starling Hackle) = Four Birds


Here is a simple little step-by-step in case you want to try these yourself:


Mount your thread.



Tye in the starling feather (or other suitable soft hackle feather).



Tye in the wire rib and wind the thread in close turns to the barb of the hook.



Tye in two turkey tail fibers by the tip and wrap your thread foward to where the thorax should start. Grasp the turkey fibers in a hackle pliers (rotary works best for this) an wrap them forward to the tying thread.



Tye off and clip off any excess turkey fibers.



Mount a bunch of ring neck tail fibers (six is usually enough) where the thorax begins. Adjust the tails to the desired length and tye down with a couple wraps of thead. In this case I intentionally left the tails long to give the fly more motion in the water. A shorter tail is probably more traditional.



Wrap the wire forward to form the ribs and the tail. When you get to the thread, tye off the wire and pull the butt ends of the remaining pheasant tail fibers towards the back of the fly. Tye in three peacock herls by the tip and twist them in a dubbing loop to reinforce the herl. Wrap a neat thorax.



Pull the pheasant tail fibers over the top to form a wing case. Leave enough room at the front of the hook to wrap the starling feather back towards the thorax. Wrap the starling hackle and work the tying thread back through the hackle to reinforce the stem. Form a neat thread head and whip finish. Cut off the tying thread and add a drop of head cement.




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very beautiful nymph, congratulations and thanks for show. :headbang:



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I know what you mean Bruce. I generally like shorter tails too, but today I was playing with a variety of tail lenghts and the longer one struck my fancy. Here are some of the other variations I was playing around with today.



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