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SECRET SANTA SWAP 2008!!!!!!!!!

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This swap is closed!!!



Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2008! The object of this swap is you send me your flies (amount stated below) and I photograph them, wrapped them and sent them to your secret swapper. They don't know until they open them, who they are from. There are Secret Santa prize's that are randomly given away to the swappers. Last year we had a good group of people and the swap went very well. So I think we will run things the way we did last year. If you would like to join in and you are sure you can make the deadline that the flies have to make it to me, reply with a I'M IN!


Flies will be due by 12-1-08(Due by 12-1-08, not shipped by 12-1-08.) ,so they can be photographed , wrapped and get back to the secret swapper's before Christmas.


These are the categorie's to send in. Pick one.


6 of your favorite flies

6 different flies that you fish

6 flies that you like to tie

one realistic fly

one full dressed classic fly


You decide what you think someone would like to receive, tie them up and send them in. No limit to the amount of swappers. Swap will close on 10-23-08.





1) day5 Mason

2) Chase Creek

3) Dale

4) riffleriversteelheadslayer Mason

5) ibrb Received

6) Pat Carroll Received

7) Fred H. Received

8) Faster Fish Mason

9) DavidR Received

10) kyleb Received

11) mikey99 Received

12) bigdewy Received

13) Batman

14) SullyTM Received

15) Houndog Received

16) erhetta

17) overbrook Received

18) TerryLee

19) Herman Received

20) RJD31 Received

21) feathers5 Received

22) Dnthmn Received

23) nomad Mason

24) Will

25) Catalpa_Joe Received

26) flymaker1 Received

27) Spanky

28) flygirl

29) Jon G

30) vtflyhack Received

31) Service Tech

32) cencalfly

33) joeking Received

34) mswaterfowler

35) Mr. Steelhead Received

36) tyrite Received

37) Dezod

38) YourNameHere

39) feltsole

40) supaflygsr

41) lostlure

42) skyfireblaze

43) fly tryer Received

44) airedale

45) Big E Received

46) chrisfish Received

47) Roll Q___Cast

48) troutkiller08

49) duckydoty


51) djmyers

52) Scott V

53) Old Hat

54) Ostfyn

55) kerusso

56) Satchmo Received

57) DrVette Received

58) juice Received

59) j74snook Received

60) Blueman89 Received

61) fcflyguy





All FTF Fly Swap Rules apply!!!


All swappers must read


Rules And Policies fo FTF Swaps


International Reply Coupon For Swappers

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I have not done the 25 post but woud like to join your swap. Thank you ibrb

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Someone is going to get a realistic in a shadow box. It could be you.

I'm in . Fred

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