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Fly Tying
Fred H.

Christmas Crappie Swap

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Wayneb, atroutbum2, and lineside . My appologies for not posting that I recieved your flies earlier.



Wayneb has sent everyone twoyellow wooly buggers one with bead chain eyes.Wayne thanks for making this a special swap and also for the extras.


atroutbum2 , sent in some beautiful leeches for everyone.I could tell you about the extras he sent me but I don't want to make you all jealous. thanks Joe, they are sweet.


Lineside sent everyone some really nice orange estaz wooly worms . The extras he sent were olive estaz.Very nice. Thanks Dave.


My next post will be a picture of everyones effort in the swap thus far. We still have 4 sets out. Have not heard from student4ever or irb. I will pm them for an update.

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Hi Fred;


Glad to hear the flies made it! I kind figured you were busy or out of town for thanksgiving.


I was really in a tying groove one weekend and decided to tie two flies, one weighted and one unweighted. The unweighted fly caught me quite a few large crappie early this season, the weighted version worked well on summer evenings.


The extras I sent you were my goto fly this fall, I caught bluegill,bass pickerel and several slab crappie on that simple fly which is based on Al Campbell's simple nymph.


Thanks for hosting another great swap!



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Fred and all the other members of the swap:


I will be a bit late in getting the bugs in the mail. I will finish them tomorrow.


I have been a bit distracted after a long battle my mom has 2-3 weeks left in her battle with cancer. Our family has been working to make this a celebration of her life; not a dwelling on her loss. I will be leaving to go back to Minnesota on Sunday, and I hope you all will have a great holiday season. We will be celebrating my Mom's job WELL DONE.


Frank Koterba aka Student4evr

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