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Fly Tying
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ATTN: Fly Tying Clubs

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The idea of a place listing names/locations of all the fly tying clubs out there came up in another FTF topic.


I've created a customizable Google Map where fly tying club, fly tying event, or fly shop locations can be added. Here's the url


Fly Tying Clubs, Events, and Shops


Fly tying club or event locations are marked by a light blue balloon, and fly shops are marked by a red balloon. If anyone has a tying club or shop they'd like to see on the map, email the following info to [email protected] (delete the .nospam before sending)-




Website URL

Meeting Times/Dates

Phone Number(if applicable)

Misc Info(any other info you want people to know, etc)


I'll add your club to the map ASAP.


Also, if anyone wants to embed this map on their own website, shoot me an email and I'll send you the source code.

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Good Day,


Thanks for the add! Could you maybe do me one small favor? I noticed a spelling error... should have caught it before I sent it. In the first paragraph before mentioning the address, you will notice a mispelling of "fourrth". Could you remove one of the "R"s please? Thanks!



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Just gave it a little bump 'cause i kinda misplaced it.


I don't believe that I'm with the only club in Canada. C'mon guys and girls.







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