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Trophy Brook Trout

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I'm planning a 6 day trek into Algonquin park this coming spring (May 9 - 14). We want to get deep into the park and target large brook trout. I'm looking for some advice regarding productive lakes and effective flies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have only fishes algonquin park once and I came away with a really small brook trout. I caught it on a small chartreuse caddis fly nymph size 14 I think. I do not know any specific areas there, but if you picked up a copy of the fishing Ontario Series book (I bought mine from a small bookstore in Huntsville, ON, but you can get them from Canadian tire), these will outline all the lakes and waters and what species are in that area. They will run you about $18. I have the one for the muskokas and it is decent. I also remember the Fishing Ontario 2008-2009 recreational fishing and regulations summary had some good information for finding places to go.


Two things I suggest. Bug spray! and absolutely no lead, I remember reading if you have lead on your person you can get in trouble.


I do hope some fellas on the board will know more specifics and I hope you catch some memorable fish, I am jealous of you.

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I haven't fished the park, but I do fish for big brookies north of there. Here are a few patterns and links to try.


1. wolly buggers or bead head buggers

2. strip leeches

3. muddler minnows


1. stimulators

2. wulffs

3. Goddard Caddis

A few links

Ontario's Algonquin Park by Nick Pujic http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/month/342

TheFlyFishingBug http://groups.msn.com/TheFlyFishingBug/flyrecipelist.msnw

Brook Trout Heaven http://members.shaw.ca/amuir/

good luck and let us know how it goes.




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If you want big brookies you should use large streamers trolling (your best bet) or casting the shoreline, or if you don't like trolling, try dragon fly nymphs, some damsels and large leeches. Take a clear intermediate, full sinker and a floater.


The streamers will produce if you are on a good lake. Most people don't like giving up spots but the you can't go wrong if you hit lakes at the end of big/long portages! Any of the bigger lakes northwest off Opeongo will be good.


For colours I like perch and gold coloured streamers but if they are around they will hit natural too. You'll also pick up some lakers - probably 5-1 lakers to brookies.


Good Luck,



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