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Tournament Flies

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Ok if you were going to a tournament in March what would you ty and how many ans what sizes.. I figure I will try and catch a few on a fly and if not working I will be using one of my old open face reels and rod and one of my friends tackle.. So I am wanting to try and fish the whole tournament with my fly rod..


I think if with alot of luck I could win it.. Then let all friends know I whopped them with my fly rod lol... Na jk but it would be nice..


So any help would be very helpful.



Thanks Chance

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Guest Big E

ummm....ok.....bit more info would be insightful


what do you plan on fishing for and what kind of water are you fishing?

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Assuming a bass tournament, we still need to know geographically where and a bit about the size of the body of water. The bass in Texas are going to be doing things a bit differently than the bass in Wisconsin in March. That said, most areas of the country will be pre-spawn. Plan on fishing something moving slow and on the bottom - Lithuanian Bat, Troth Bullhead, Cowen's Coyote are all patterns I'd be reaching for. I'd also plan on carrying a floating line, a full sinking line and a 10' sink tip to be ready for anything. You could be fishing 3' deep to 20' deep at that time.


Joe C.

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Big E and cornmuse hit the nail on the head. we need to know where you are fishing, what you are fishing for and what type of water you will be fishing. Like cornmuse, I would also assume it is a bass tournament. I think cornmuse gave you some great advice. I would also reach for a sinking line and go with the knowledge that the fish will be holding tight to the bottom and very sluggish. Plan on fishing low and slow.

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also check to see if fly rods are allowed. some tournaments dont allow them. rich


I think for most tourneys the rod just has to be under 8 feet. Sage makes a 7' 11" bass rod for fishing tourneys.


If you are fishing in the southern part of the country (especially if it is late March, and assuming you are in the US) they will probably be spawning. Large poppers fished over beds, crawfish bounced on beds, and bream imitations fished very near a bed will often draw strikes. Good luck.


I know in Georgia the last 4 or 5 years like clock work they start coming shallow ON my birthday, usually not a day before. Talk about an awesome gift. :headbang:

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Lake Characteristics


Location: On the Sabine River in Hopkins, Rains and Wood Counties, 5 miles northwest of Quitman

Surface area: 27,264 acres

Maximum depth: 70 feet

Impounded: 1980


Current Lake Level


Conservation Pool Elevation: 403 ft. msl

Fluctuation: Moderate, 2-4 ft.

Normal Clarity: Moderately clear


Aquatic Vegetation


Hydrilla, Eurasian milfoil, coontail, American lotus, water primrose, water hyacinth and pennywort



Fishing Report for FORK

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Date Report Jan 28, 2009


Water lightly stained; 44-49 degrees; 0.81' low. Black bass are fair on Rat-L-Traps, medium diving crankbaits, suspending baits and firetiger spinnerbaits worked along main lake grass and around boathouses. Crappie are fair on minnows in 25-30 feet on deeper flats. Catfish are good on prepared baits in 25-30 feet


Fishing Cover/Structure


Flooded timber is found throughout Lake Fork and provides excellent fish habitat. Although access through the reservoir is provided by numerous buoyed boat lanes, submerged timber represents a substantial hazard, so care should be exercised while boating in all areas. Areas containing hydrilla, boat houses and docks, and lake points have historically provided some of the best fishing for largemouth bass



Texas Top 50 Largemouth Bass




1 18.18 25.50 1/24/92 Lake Fork Barry St. Clair

2 17.67 27.50 11/26/86 Lake Fork Mark Stevenson

3 17.64 28.00 4/1/89 Lake Fork Stan Moss

4 17.63 26.25 8/29/90 Lake Fork Jerry L. New

5 17.29 0.00 2/14/88 Lake Fork Larry Barnes

6 17.08 25.50 2/26/91 Lake Fork Troy Coates

7 16.90 27.66 2/16/86 Pinkston Lake Earl H Crawford

8 16.86 25.50 2/8/93 Lake Fork Bryan Turner

9 16.80 28.75 5/31/97 Sam Rayburn Tommy Shelton

10 16.77 0.00 3/1/90 Mill Creek Herchel Brickey



This is were i found the top Texas 50 Largemouth Bass http://www.ets-systems.com/lakefork/top50.htm



Hope this can help yall alittle better on what i will be fishing for.. And what type of water it is..


Thanks Chance

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