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Fly Tying

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I figured I would try to better my photographs by building a light box out of some PVC and some cloth. It was quite simple and I didn't need to glue any of it, so it can be taken apart and stored easily. I found the directions by doing a general search on google.


One of the guys from the local TU organization (Valley Forge) has a 1995 Pennsylvania Trout Stamp which has steelhead on it, is going to donate it to the club's spring raffle. He asked me to tie a fly, because he is going to frame the stamp and the fly together so I decided to do one of Syd Glasso's patterns....the White Heron. I think it will go well with the stamp.


I kept the BEP short so it will fit in the space provided for it in the frame.







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You have done a great job with the wing. It is the correct length and is properly mounted in the fashion of bronze mallard. Now days most ties you see have the wing mounted like a featherwing streamer which is not the way Syd Glasso tied them. What did you use for the white dubbing? I was not aware of there being a white heron originated by Syd Glasso. Would you be kind enough to share the reference for this pattern? Thanks. Again great job on the fly.


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Uh, i adore that there is so many spey flies posted in here latly, and you made a great effort on this one.






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