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Wooly Bugger I tyed

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Nice tie. What size hook did you tie that on. It looks smaller than what I tend to tie buggers on. But I know that I need to add some variety to my fly box.


A friend showed me a bugger he tied during an outing a couple weeks ago. He called it a "Bloody Bugger". He used two strands of chenille, one red and one black. These strands are wrapped something like an old barber pole. It came out really nice, and the added color really makes it into an interesting fly. He gave me one, but I have been reluctant to fish it until I try to duplicate it. I don't want to lose the one example that I have.


More later,

Ken S.


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Havent much experience with this kind of fly, but to get an idea of how it'll look, attach it to some line and drag it around the bathtub smile.gif this is always useful with marabou tails.



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