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Fly Tying
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Do legs on a nymph really make a difference?

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As an example ... this is a BPS Sticko soft plastic stick bait.


This is the BPS Ribbon tail worm.


When I'm bass fishing, these are my top two soft plastic lures.  I put a weight on the ribbon tail, none on the sticko.  I also fish both of them slower than anyone else I know, personally.  The main difference is, I might let the ribbon tail sit for several minutes.  I only let the sticko sit for 30 seconds, max.  Why?  Because the ribbon tail has it's own motion, even while sitting on the bottom.  Any little current, even the pressure waves of an approaching predator, will cause the tail to move.  So, I don't have to "work it".  The sticko is dead, unless I impart motion, so I work it slightly faster.

I have the same phylosophy on flies.  If I intend on working them quickly, then they don't need legs, etc. 

Aug 2017 Panfish Attractors (1).JPG

If I intend of letting them sit, then I put legs on them.

Aug 2017 flip flop poppers (2).JPG

I don't tie nymphs, so I don't know if that approach applies, but it seems to work for me.

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9 hours ago, utyer said:

 Today the Pheasant Tails have grown legs.  

A mistake, IMO.  Sawyer intended the fly to represent Baetis nymphs, which swim with their legs tucked against their side.  All legs do is make the fly sink more slowly.

The Euro nymph fishermen seem to do alright with Perdigons, which have no legs.

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