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Fisheye lens

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Anyone have a fisheye lens? if so you have any pics from it...or really like it?


I'm looking at a few because I kind'a like the looks of the pics but not sure I want to grab one yet.


And....I see them go from $60 all the way to $350 for my 62mm lens. Is there that much of a difference in them? because the whole look of a fisheye lens is "distorted" so myself personally I cant see quality being "that" much of a factor. Course I'm new so I could (and probably am ) wrong :D



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What's to lose by buying a cheap one to fool around with? If you think you'll have some use for a better one, you can always trade up. It's such a specialized piece of equipment that you'd probably be smart to give it a lot of thought before plunking down a substantial sum on one. I've never used a fisheye and I can't think of anyone I know who has either, but I can see where it might be fun.

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