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Fly Tying
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Stone Flies WET OR DRY!!

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Its time to start filling in those big spaces in your box. 12 Tiers and the Swap Meister, so send a dozen no 13 of your best Stonefly pattern. You can go above or below the surface.

Thanks in advance for joining!


Frank aka Student4evr.


This swap is Closed

Frank: Skwala Dry DONE

1.Dantfitz: fast water nymph?? RECEIVED

2.Horseshoes: Gold Nugget Nymph. RECEIVED

3. JustinDavis: #8 Brooks' Stone. Stolen

4. littleman: Golden Stone Withdrew

5. boynabubble: Flashback Tungstone #10 Withdrew

6. professori: Henry's Fork Stonefly. Withdrew


8. IBRB: Bird,s Stonefly ( dry ) RECEIVED

9. Andrews15r: TBD RECEIVED

10. flytyingfreak: Silli skin Ghost Stone MAILED

11. fly tryer: TBD MAILED

12. JohnR: yellow sallie dry fly in a 16 size. RECEIVED


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I'm in for sure.


I will tie a nice #8 Brooks' Stone.


Let's get stoned!!!

(No intentional reference to illegal drug use intended!)





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Guest Big E

I'm in Frank....pattern Bitch Creek Nymph although I might try to tackle an Improved Sofa Pillow.

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WELL,, this is starting to fill up fast. Its nice to see some familiar names and some new ones as well. Eric, Gary and Justin - Good to have you in.

Dantfitz, Make sure you are aware of the requirements to swap, return postage packaging and toe tags. And for you north of the border remember that I can't use Canadian stamps. Usually sending cash will work.

I wouldn't bring it up but It has happened in my last 2 swaps. :dunno:



Thanks to all and just 5 spots left.


Frank aka Student4evr

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