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Fly Tying
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CDC Loop Emergers

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The CDC loop emerger, in all its guises, has become one of my favourite emerger patterns. I have posted a few pictures recently and thought it was about time I produced an SBS for the pattern. I’ve chosen a specific example to show you here, but you can change body and winging material to produce some great variations, that all have their day.

Look at this on the water and you’ll see why it is so successful. It hangs beautifully in the surface with the hanging abdomen. The footprint of the emerging wing and CDC is very busy and suggests the stuggling, emerging adult.




Hook: Partridge 15BN #18 (used here)

(I also like K14ST / B100 / TMC200R)

Thread: Powersilk, orange

Body: Turkey biot

Emerging wing: Lemon Woodduck barbs

Thorax: Hare, dyed olive

Loop Wing: Natural CDC


1) Take the thread down the hook



2) Catch in the tukey biot by the thin end (so taper increases as you wind up the hook) and take your thread to 2/3 of the shank



3) Run a thin layer of cement over the thread wraps and wind the turkey biot up the shank in touching turns. I use my fingers – but do be careful not to flatten the fibrous rib.



4) Catch in the the emerging wing material (here I am using lemon woodduck barbs)



5) Now catch in the CDC feathers. You choose how many – I like two or three plumes on hooks between #18 - #14.



6) Pepare the hare dubbing – a mix of soft fur and guard hare’s is my aim. Dub the thorax.



7) Now draw the CDC forwards to create the loop, leaving the emerging wing behind.



8) Bring the thread under the protruding tips and whip finish behind the eye.



Some loop wings call for the tips to be cut and bound down. I always leave them long – it gives the thorax a more ‘busy’ appearance and aids floatation. It also requires fewer wraps of thread, keeping the fly slimmer and lighter.


You can change the material to suit:

One I posted the other day with the porcupine quill body:



Even simpler is the thread body and rib with a zelon emerging wing:



Cheers :)

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Nice pattern Dave, I for one greatly appreciate when someone, who knows what they are doing, provides us with a SBS :headbang:

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Thanks for the SBS. This is really going to reduce my learning curve for this pattern. I will try to catch one later in the week in honor of you!

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Great! Thanks for the the feedback. Really pleased this may be of some use.


Let me know how the little fella works out for you. I rate them very highly ;)

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