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Fly Tying

Brookie study: Soft plastics can do harm

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All the more reason to tie some of those classic wets, eh, John! Now if I could just find a tasty looking fried rubber chicken finger maybe I could get in shape.


P.S. I've been gone for too long... I hope you're doing well.



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Thanks for the link John - I wasn't aware that anybody even used that kind of junk for brookies, considering that all you need is a spinner or a Mickey Finn. As a side note, corn kernels will do the same thing to any trout, which is why it's illegal to use corn for bait or chum in this neck of the woods.

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Anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves.. Individuals suffering from anorexia have extreme weight loss. Weight loss is usually 15% below the person's normal body weight.



That definition from the experts. So if we can anthropomorphicaly transfer anorexia to Brook Trout then I must deduct that a majority of Brook trout I have encountered in the last 50 years have been eating soft plastic lures....


<_< :unsure: <_<



...according to the articles premise.




But seriously..how many Brook Trout that decide to rise to a soft plastic lure.... are gonna escape the frying pan to live to develop..."Anorexia"?



Sounds like the money for the grant to do the study would have been better of left in some taxpayer's pocket..... :ripped:

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