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Fly Tying

Dry fly durability; dubbed body or quill body?

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Good point! colouration of the fly is important and that is limited with quills and biots, dubbins are endless

but if you like the effect ov a quill like me make sure you tye alot ov them as durability is low, or even finely dub the body then rib it with a quill, looks the muts nuts but durability and colouration are higher priority.


tight lines

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Good Day,


I have seen it done... apply a small amount of nail polish to the hook shank before wrapping the biot or quill.







Maybe I am just more confident when I fish with them, but I catch way more fish on a quill body than I do a dubbed body. I do what Steelie does and put a SLIGHT amount of nail polish on the hook before I wrap it. I wind both ways depending on if I want a rib or not. If I want extra protection I will also counter wrap a small wire on the body as well. I know untraditional on a dry, but it doesn't effect the floatabilty much. I also die my own wild turkey quills for larger dries. Another alternative is deer hair bodies tied like the roberts drake.



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