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clouser swap

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alright first swap lets have some fun. lets do a clouser swap any color or size. first 12 with im in and due date june 8.


1. little man- foxy clouser

2. rich5665- clouser minnow- recieved

3.agn54-tbd- recieved


5.shenandoahangler- Brown and orange clouser

6.fly tryer-tbd- recieved

7jacktjl-tbd- recieved

8.t5f-tbd- recieved

9.ColonelMel- chartruse clouser- recived

10.aroostookbasser- tbd- recieved

11. deserttrout-tbd- recieved

12. trollman-tbd- recieved



Swap is closed

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Littleman - Give it to the end of the week, then work with the tyers that we have. 6, 8 or 12 participants are all good :) But I agree, I would have thought more tyers would sign up for this one. Maybe everyone's gone fishing, I know I have about 40 new flies right now that are just waiting to hit the water. :D

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I would like to join but 8 Jun is too soon as I have a 6 day fishing trip strating Friday.If it was the end of the month. I would jump in as I have the materials and hooks. HAve never tied them so this would have been a good time to start.

Oh well, :wallbash:

Next time.


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