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Fly Tying
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Hy-Ty, Hollow-Head Clouser

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Here is a fly that works well when you are fishing sinking lines and trying to imitate full profile baitfish like bunker or herring. While a standard Clouser enables the fly to make a quick descent, the profile design is compact. Using the hy-ty technique, coupled with a series of hollow-ties at the head, gives the impression of a larger, full-bodied baitfish. Locating the barbell eyes further back on the hook shank allows additional room for the reverse tie at the head, and also balances the fly so it swims & tracks well.

The hook used here is a Partridge 6/0 CS-45 AS Absolute. Another great hook for this pattern is the Mustad Aberdeen Perfect. With either hook, I usually slightly bend the shaft back from the hook eye.

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