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Summer Time Bugs Swap III

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I have received a collection of bugs and they are beauties. I want to thank everyone for a great selection and swap.

deserttrout thank you for hosting this swap. I hope life is good to you.

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My PC has been going through menopause for the past week and was not able to get into the internet.


Mailed both sets Wednesday, was waiting for one more set from Canada but Me thinks the mounties have some new flies.


All in all it was a great swap. The streamers are some of the best I have seen. Quality all the way. I will be doing a framed version and hope to send you all a pic. Am in the process of going through four years of fly swaps, all my extras and extra material to mail out next week to both chapters of Project Healing Waters.


Wild Bill (a professional photo-dude, retired Army, fought Bruce Lee in a movie and my fly fishing teacher) has agreed to take some stills and email them out to us. It may take some time as he now works in the "Puzzle Palace" and is on the go with our so called leaders.


Yesterdays Dr visit was good and bad. Good is I am getting better - Bad is that I can't go on my annual "Father Daughter" Steelhead trip up near Hell's Canyon as there is a fear that since we would be roughing it; there could be some possible adverse reactions to the injections I would have to give myself. Oh well, next year.


God Bless



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