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Fly Tying
Fred H.

How as a fly tier do you view realistics?

How do you veiw realistics  

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But for all I know there are clandestine auctions among high roller collectors for the best work..

Flies Wide Shut...

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I think it is a highly formed craft or artisan rendering of an insect or other food form.  I think the old fly vs lure argument is passe-- I think it became outmoded  when synthetis and glues arrived on the scene..  While I think these flies are amazing and require mastery, the are a finely honed craft, IMHO.  Not sure where the line is drawn between arts and crafts, but I always assumed a craft was something with inherent usefullness, while art is made to evoke feeling, your wife screaming at the spider notwithstanding.  I don't think this makes them any less valuable.  A Steinway represents the finest in craftsmanship, while the Bach piece played on it is art.

That being said, I borrow ideas from realistic tiers occasionally as well as from classical tiers, occasionally.  I doubt I will ever have the skills to tie realistic or classic Salmon flies.

I really don't have enough interest to try realistic flies, at this point.  However, they are finely honed craft, they are flies, and they are amazing to look at.  The old question of would you fish it?  Some of my flies are too ugly to show to the fish, so I am not sure that question is valid, either.  Lol.

I have always subscribed to the philosophy that Geirach posited, that goes something like:  "flies should be well made and functional, but as thoughtlessly expendable as shotgun shells."

You should take my statements with a grain of salt; because I am a fly rod owning Southerner who also uses plastic worms and lures for bass.

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