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Way to go Dustin!


You know see why they often refer to salmon as the fish of a million casts! Finicky buggers aren't they?


To catch 1 salmon on 1 trip is quite an accomplishment. I bat fall less than .500 and I have been at this sport for over 20 years. Some years I get to fish maybe 6 times and I end up skunked for the year.


I bet your salmon fought like the dickens.


What did you catch him on? Did you raise other fish? I bet you could see some real monsters laying in some of those emerald green pools.



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Considering this was my first time ever fishing for anything but bluegill and bass, I'm happy. We could see quite a few fish, but they were not very active, even the guide was a little frustrated. It did fight very hard, granted it is over twice the size of any other fish I have caught before.


I caught it on a Grey Ghost variation, orange body, gray hackles with black stripes (Gray badger), and wood duck shoulders. It's not a Gray Ghost technically, but it looks similar. We did'nt raise many other fish, I think we had one rise to a bomber, and another one take a fly but no hookup.

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