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Thunder Over Michigan!

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I went to the airshow in Ypsilanti. Michigan last week and set up shop. Here's are some of the better ones.



Blue Angels...F18s



Blue Angels



Blue Angels in a break





F16 Viperrrr






Heritage Flight. F16 and P-51D Mustang



F4 Phantom







Blue Angel's C-130 hercules



Another Herc






Lancaster Bomber



MIG in takeoff




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Air Shows are great and you got some nice shots :thumbsup: I especially like the old war birds that still have a prop up front. In my Navy days I spent 3 years in an AD Skyraider squadron and your pic labeled Skyraider is I believe, a British Spitfire, definitely not the the Skyraider I'm familiar with.


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You're right. They were flying with some skyraiders and I mixed them up.

Did you get a shot of the Skyraider? I wouldn't mind seeing it, if you did.

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This is the skyraider, correct?

Correct, that is an A1-E. The squadron I was in had 2 of that model. It could seat 4 under the blue canopies and the pilot and observer up front. If your interested this site Abledogs.com is an authoritative site for Navy and Marine Corps aviators who flew all models of the Douglas AD Skyraider. The sea stories are some great reading.



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Nice shots..We had the Blue's at our airshow for July4,5th weekend...it was great to seethem again. Have not been here in Binghamton in like 30 years..But I saw them alot when I was in the Navy doing detachments to El Centro...thanks for posting...Also like the mustang photo

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Nice pics Santosh. I've always enjoyed Airshows. Use to go all the time during vacation to the one at Wurtsmith by tyhe cabin every year till they closed the base back in the early 90's :( Saw some real good stuff at those shows. Use to love seeing the Thunderbirds when they would show up at Wurtsmith.


Saw the flier for Thunder over Michigan at the Yankee Air force museum 2 weeks ago when we were in there and my 15 yr old nephew (HUGE military/aircraft buff!) was all deprest because we weren't going to be around for this show. So looks like we'll be going to Selfridge on the 22/23rd for the show there in a couple weeks. Thunderbirds are going to be at that one I believe.





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