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Elk Hair Caddis

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Not bad...EH's take a little practice. I would recommend not trimming the bottom hackle though. This promotes the hackle into protruding through the water's surface. The hackles will soak up water quickly and it looks unnatural from underneath. There are a couple things you can do. Size your hackle to your hook. If you have hackle that is a little long...trim off completely the barbs directly under the fly body When done right and looking at the fly from the front, you should see a deep upside down "V". When floating this will allow the hackle fibers to spread out the sides and float well. The other option which I like to do is use genetic hen hackle and just pull the bottom hackles apart to create the "V". the bend hackles on the water provide more surface area on top and float the fly very well. Elk hair Caddis flies are great flies. Although commonly fished as a dry fly, they are very deadly dead drifted as a dry then given a little tug at the end of the drift and fished wet on the swing as an emerger. A sparse wing and hackle will help with this method. I tie some heavily hackled for big riffles and sparse for calmer water.


The fly looks good and there is no doubt it will catch fish, but give the tips a try. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your ties.

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