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Great White Off Monomoy- first hand report.

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Here is a report from a friend of mine about an area we all fish on Cape Cod....


"Anyone planning on fishing the crib today, better of had cable on them. Flourocarbon and wire were not going to cut it today. Anyone sight fishing in the area of the crib, especially the area of the tip of South Monomoy, must of had the best day of sight casting ever!!


Today's top species to target ----Great White shark !!!!!!!

If I did not see it with my own eyes I would have never believed it. There was a 12-16 foot Great White right at the landing zone we have used in the past for the North tip of South Monomoy. There was about 6 ft of water at low and the machine was stuck with no way out till about 3pm this afternoon. We also had a pilot whale stuck in there on Friday.


Striblue, if your ever going to come up with those invisible waders, NOW WOULD BE A DAMN GOOD TIME!! If anyone plans on wading in the area of South Beach or Monomoy anytime soon, I would make sure your waders aint smelling to fishy


Juro, you may want to come up with a new Atlantis for the newest craz at Monomoy. $$$$


"I think we need a bigger boat!"


Capt Keith"


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