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Fly Tying
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Green Butt Skunk

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Hey MRFF, not a bad tie, the body is tight and well done. It is what we would call out here an inland tie. Smaller and fatter body. Just a couple suggestions if I may. The purpose of the wing and tail is to keep the fly "inline" while swimming and to throw a side profile that is attractive to the fish and to give it a little bit of float. Your wing and tail is a little short. The main problem I see is that I'm not sure there is enough there to get the fly to swim the best it can. The proportions are off just a bit. If the tail was the length of the whole body and then you brought the wing out to half the length of the tail the proportions would fit better and you would have better swimming fly. Or you could decrease the size of the body. The hackle is short also. You want to select a length of hackle that allows the hackle to move around in the current and add a lively motion to the fly. Usually the hackle will reach to at least the hook point. Of course this is all personal preference and any fly can and should be tied the way the tyer would like it to be... in a purposeful manner. I like my flies to be what I call "perky" or look lively. Tails raised a bit by a wrap of thread under them, wing natural and not stacked or cut and buggy in the hackle area. Just wrap a few more and find what you think my improve the fly and make it attractive to the fish but consider proportions and balance because the hair wings on the swing can be a little picky once they fight the current a bit. Keep up the good work... you're trying a lot of flies. Try a bunch of one fly or one style until you are comfortable with it before you move on and don't be afraid to take a razor and strip a fly off the hook if it doesn't turn out the way you like. When I try a new pattern it often takes a dozen or more before I can consistently wrap a fly I really like.

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