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What kind of fly line do you use.

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What kind of fly line do you guys use? I have Rio, S A, Air Flo. I'm not a really fan of my S A. Doesn't even come close to my Air Flo, or RIO. All in all I like my RIO line just because of the Lake Series.


What is so good about S A shark skin?? Ive casted that line before, its pretty smooth (I still enjoy my Air Flo better). Five minutes of casting that line you have the worlds biggest head ache from the sound it makes going through the guides. phhhh phhhh !!!

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Use to use SA when I first started.

Now using Rio, the deep 7 stuff is wicked for getting deep fast.

Also using the Cortland for pike.

Using Rio gold 3 weight for panfish...excellent line so far.

Shopping around now for an intermediate for pike

and don't know what I will go with.

maybe the Cortland Precision little Tunny or Cortland

Ice Blue type 1.

We'll see....


Read reviews about the sharkskin series and heard

good and bad things. The noise factor didn't occur to me.

Some say that it's so rough it will eventually damage some guides on the rod.

Also if you strip line alot that it will take the skin off your guide finger.

Think I'll just skip it.

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I use cortland 333 and usually double taper for trout 4wt to 8wt

then for pike i ues S/A sink tip also use same for salmon and bows

Tightines Mike

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