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Fly Tying
Harold Ray

The Swiss Vise by Marc Pettijean

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I don't need a new or another vise, but I saw this vise at Somerset and wondered if anyone here is using it and if so, how you like it. In watching Marc use the vise, it looks efficient, and it does appear to have several nice features, plus that rascal is machined out of a block od aircraft aluminum I believe, just like some of the really high quality very nice flyreels. Its a beauty in my opinion.


As well as a high capacity regular

C-clamp (100mm-table), the stem and the special looking nut, allows extension arm positions with various angles.



The Master is also a pedestal table vise.

Delivered with:

-Cordura zipped padded travel case

- 3 mandrels for tube fly

- 1 centering gauge

- Instruction manuel

- DVD (Pal and NTSC)

English, French and German.


Master version as seen above: USD $740.00 http://www.petitjean.ch/eng/MPVise/masterVise.asp

Base Version: USD $590.00 http://www.petitjean.ch/eng/MPVise/proVise.asp

C-Clamp version: USD $560.00 http://www.petitjean.ch/eng/MPVise/universalSupport.asp


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I use and love this vice. It is the quality and design that are so great. I have heard the vice tries to do too many operations and is only adequate. No way! This vice does each operation faultlessly. I am going on two years of using the vice and still finding new features. I have had fun finding the optimum position to locate the fly for tying. For me that position is about 4 inches in front of the front edge of my tying table and about diaphragm high. So many options. Hook holding perfect with fast hook size change. Accessories of the same high quality. I have no connection to Marc. I just like the vice.


PS I practiced ( Dentistry ) in Livingston TX for 30 years. We were neighbors. I am now in Estes Park 1 mile from RMNP. Life is good. Pray for me during football season I went to Baylor. freddyg

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