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Fly Tying
Pastor Ron

Tying Materials / Supplies

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I am fortunate to live in Los Angeles. Bob Marriotts in Fullerton has one of the best material selections of any fly shop that I have found. If they don't have something I need, I can usually order it through a good friend who works at the Fisherman's Spot in Van Nuys. My son, who is a pro skateboarder, travels overseas on occasion and I usually load him up with a list of things that I need/want which are rare or unfindable here in the US. I also obtain great, unique stuff at Craig Matthew's Shop in West Yellowstone - Blue Ribbon Flies. He has Zelon Dubbing and other Zelon materials that can not be found anywhere else...


PT/TB :blink:


i live around hollywood area myself and they are both about 30minute away :yahoo:

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I have started tying a lot flies Harrop style (CDC), mostly because they work and float well, and to avoid having to buy so much dry fly hackle.


If I can shoot a few mallards and woodies during the seaon, that's usually enough to keep me in CDC and wood duck flank for an entire year.


A friend of mine and I went fishing in Missouri one weekend and needed to swing by his favorite fly shop in Columbia...when we walked in we realized that they were going out of business...needless to say I just started grabbing tiemco hooks off the wall at 80% off. Also found a fair amount of CDC. The internet and big box stores like Cableas and Bass Pro shops killed those guys.


There's the old adage of supporting your local fly shop so they'll be there when you need something in a pinch, hoowever, it's difficult to not shop nationally on-line when you can find geat deals, free shipping, and great, friendly service. When all is said and done, I find myself always spending my money with those who have the friendliest staff and best service.


The companes mentioned in preivous posts all have good reputations...I have had great luck with Feathercraft out of STL, MO.

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