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Fly Tying

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wow this topic sure took off

I see I`m not the only 1 lol

I know the reason i do it supplies being so pricey now a days I`m always looking for a way to save some cash and plus if a person finds something that hasn't been used then they could make a original pattern and i like that

And yeah the dollar store i always check them out just cause it s fun to imagine what you can do with some of the stuff there

the way i look at it is turning junk into something useful lol even if it is ripping it apart lmao

and with Christmas stuff i just wanted to turn some trash into something useful

And that funny Ron snagged the tag of it did yeah lol yeah some of those ribbons and bows have cool texture and holographic colors

and Ron about the rabbit better hope Karma doesn't get you ,you`ll go bald lmao just teasing

Kinda with i had a paper shredder just to run some trough and see what it looks like then they could be used for something other than a body

and the Santa beard there s a good find for streamers *keeps hi eyes open for 1 now lol*

and yeah those little rubber bands for toys i keep them too

awesome for body`s I`m glad to hear I`m not the only 1 that thinks those are a score lol

and yeah do they ever package those to stay it s not like a kid can get them out

My kids I`ll look over and they ll be chewing it out of the box lol

but whatever more body material lol

And yeah Ive eyed up pets for sure and have used my mother s dogs brindle boxer with a stubby tail and right at the end get a little twist of long hair i always trim it lol brindle looks so buggy too

and Jman great idea never checked out the florists for materials there s 1 by my house =)


i love going by second hand store i find a lot of materials there

anyone find anything cool they haven't thought of using before lately ?





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