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Fly Tying
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Rune Andre Stokkebekk

Leptophlebia & Lake Olive Nymph

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Leptophlebia Nymphs is very important in European stillwaters. This pattern imitates both the Marginata and Vespertina.



RS Leptonymph


Hook: Tmc 100 size 14-16.

Thread: Brown.

Tails: Bronze Mallard.

Body/Rib: Spanflex, brown.

Gills: Brown ostrich.

Wingcase & Eyes: Black Spanflex.

Wingcase & top of head: Brown Spanflex.

Thorax: Squirrel slf, brown.

Legs: Brown mottled hen saddle.

Head: Mahogany Brown superfine dub.






Here is a lake olive nymph (Cloeon Simile) tied in the same way, without the gills...


Hook: Tmc 100 size 14.

Thread: Lt. olive.

Tails: Olive Partridge.

Body: Tying thread & Clear Midge Stretch Tubing.

Wingcase and head: Ginger Spanflex.

Wingcase & eyes: Black spanflex.

Thorax: Light Olive Squirrel Slf

Legs: Olive Partridge.


Top of thorax well coated with superglue.



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Cool ties! I have yet to find a situation when the fish would demand such a high level of imitation (or maybe I yet have to recognize it?)


Very inspiring ties, love the way you did the eyes from leftover thorax cover


Keep them coming! :yahoo:



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Hi Firetiger,


They might look a little too detailed, but they are easy to tie.

The brown spanflex is abdomen, rib, wingcase and head. It is not a lot of materials to be tied in.

And the fly is very durable. I always pinch down the barb, i always forget this when i take pictures..


But you are right, the fish demand less. It's me who like more and when the fish still says ok.... why not? It's cold in norway and the winter is long, i have plenty of time :-) It is important to have something new to try out on those old ones that have tasted carbon steel before :rolleyes:

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Those are stunning ties Rune, very nice patterns. :thumbup:

I'm with you on the detail front, unnecessary or not it cant hurt and gives you that added bit of confidence.


Terje inspired me to tie dries, that's all I've been tying this season, you've just managed to remind me to tie some nymphs for my upcoming trip to Tasmania!

Pssst don't tell my friend Terje he thinks he's converted me for good :ph34r:

Thanks for sharing and keep them coming



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Very Well Done Rune..... I love the Detail.....I really like the Bronze Mallard for the Tail....I have a Rust Partridge and Gives me a Very good Idea....




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I'm a big fan of stillwater may flies!!


Just tied 4 up! Now its only a waiting game.

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