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For the guys in Arkansas, I'm headed down this weekend. What are you guys using in the White and Norfork? What about the little red? Crooked anybody fishing there? Thank you

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Lately, there has been high levels of generation, so you might be

out of luck as far as wading either the White or Norfork. It's been

bloody cold, too. However, some have had luck with brightly colored

San Juan worms (red, hot fluorescent pink) and egg patterns (red,

pink and orange). You might also try large articulated streamers like

the zoo cougar on heavy sink tips. Bang the bank and any heavy structure

where fish might be escaping the current. Y2Ks, olive woolly buggers and

shad patterns also work well this time of year. Remember that the new

Catch and Release section on the Norfork River has been increased from

the old 1.1 miles to two miles. If you're going

to be launching a boat, the ramps have been icing over, so be careful.

Have fun and don't catch 'em all.





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There has been generation on the Little Red around the clock full bore and probably will be for another 2 or 3 weeks or more. :wallbash:




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