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I know Ive seen the pattern before

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i was just playing around with some Zonker stripes making minnows using dumbbell eyes

the first couple i didn't like the look cause the eyes were like too close to the front so i tried moved the eyes back almost so i could do a couple wraps in front of the eyes no it would make it like the eyes were more in the right spot

What do you think ?

I do know the tail is a little long but went for so being a longer strip have a lil more motion like if it were a tail


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I clicked on the picture to get a better look at it, but it blurred out on me......Depending on what your fishing for, the long tail may not be a problem....LM BAss Northern Pike, long tail won't hurt you, trout, SM Bass you may get short strikes. It may be a difficult fly to cast with all of the bulk.....? The other concern I would have (can't tell by the pic) is how much clearance do you have between the body and the hook point (gap).... Other than that, it looks fishable to me!


good Luck!





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