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Fly Tying

Rotary Vise Pros and Cons

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I was tying last night, on a rotary vise, and found that I wrapped the hackle without using the rotary function. But, i did realize I used it to turn the fly just enough to get a "top down" or "bottom up" view of the fly, without having to move and put my face on top of the fly. Just a small turn, and the fly top/bottom was facing me and I could see where my material was sitting better than the typical side view.


Try a bunch of vises before you decide. I just inherited 2 vises, and i'm surprised that I'm using the Renzetti Traveler more than my Danvise.....I think I prefer the Danvise, but it is a clamp, the traveler has a base and that convenience is very nice! tied more in the last week because of that convenience than I would have without it.

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This isn't the cheapest vice in the world but theres lots of room behind the hook to rest a large hand. I find tying on this vice is very comfortable and the rotary function is invaluable. I've been tying for a little over 1 year and this is my 3rd vice (and my last for a very long time); I really wish I did it right the first time.



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