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Quigley sulfur cripple first attempt!

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My first attempt at a quigley sulfur cripple.


Hook: Mustad 94840 #14


Thread: pale yellow 6/0

Hackle: Natural Grizzly

Wing: Natural Gray Deer Hair- costal deer

Body; Natural Gray Ostrich Herl

Ribbing: Fine Gold Wire

Tail: Natural Gray Ostrich Herl

Thorax: Super Fine Pale Yellow


Let me know what you think. Also how do you keep the Deer hair from flairing above the eye. In the pictures in steps for creating it seems the hair was out over the eye. see link below





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Nice looking fly.


When tying in the deer hair, I wrap a turn or two of tying thread around the base of the deer hair, helps control flairing.

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Nicely done. This is my favorite fly because it's so effective, especially in some of the smaller tailwaters in the Northeast.


I tie this in several colors: Sulphur, Olive, Adams though they all seem to be effective.


Below is a version I tied with Olive Dubbing. It's an earlier attempt. I now tie the abdomen with only one PT barbule to make it even leaner. The shuck is Zlon though I've found it sometimes causes the tail to float so I've gone to using PT for the shuck though I like the look of the Ostrich herl that you've used. I also generally use about twice as much deer hair as pictured.


I like this fly to float perpendicular to the water surface. I have found that the sparser I make the hackle the better it rides. The combo of the deer hair and the sparse hackle keep it floating just enough to be visible.




I'll try and whip up a "new" version later today.

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