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Hello Everyone,


First off, I am very impressed with this site and the information it holds. The pattern database is my favorite and you will start seeing my patterns pop up. I live in Alberta and have flyfished and fly tied for 15 years now. I have taught beginner and advanced flytying and rod building classes. I mainly fish for trout but since the move to Alberta I have started fishing for the other species this province holds. Alberta has quite the variety of fish. I have started a program, all on my own, for new/newer flyfishers, tiers and rod builders. Most people in the club cannot afford the vast majority of equipment needed to take part in all these activities. I have vets, divorcees, couples, kids, women, men all interested and taking part in what I offer. I do not charge anything but do take donations as most take up my offer because it is free. I have made many great tiers, rod builders and flyfishers out of the people that join and there all addicted like us. I have limited out my resources for donations so I am reaching further out for them. The rod building is the toughest one, I always look for the cheapest/discontinued blanks I can find. Same with materials etc. So I look for materials, hooks, tools, rods, and gear that one may not use like old vests, reels, anything to do with flyfishing, tieing and rod building. If you have a club that you donate to then please keep on donating. But if you have anything at all that one could use then please pm me. I grew up not having anyone to teach me untill 3 years after I started, never had a club, and if I did find one we could not afford lessons. I want to get as many people as possible to join the sport and support it. I always promote catch and release, no littering, safely handling fish etc. Thank you for your time and I am glad to be a new member of this site, looks like there are some great people and allot of information one could learn from. We can never stop learning thats for sure.




James :headbang:

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Hey James,


Welcome to the site! There are a ton of talented tiers on this forum, and it's great to see another veteran.


As to your club, you might consider checking with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) for some items. I founded a Fly Fishing Club at my college, and we've really benefited from their Equipment Loan Program. They'll loan vices and materials for your members free of charge (shipping not included). Here's a link: Equipment Loan Program


Hope that helps!



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