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Fly Tying
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Amy's Ant Tutorial

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My favorite terrestrial pattern. Larger sizes for bass and panfish, and smaller sizes for trout.



Materials:The materials listed below are what were used on the pictured fly. Like with any other fly, there's a ton of variations. The color combos and hook sizes can be altered to anything you wanna tie.



Hook: Mustad 10# Streamer

Thread: Tan

Foam: Brown closed cell

Foam 2: tan closed cell

Legs: Silli Legs

Body: Rust Antron

Hackle: Brown Dry Fly

Head: Super Fine dry fly, Sulphur

Wing: Stacked Elk Hair


The foam strips should be about 1 1/2 times the hook shank. for a #10 streamer hook, that turned out to be just over an inch. One end on each foam strip is trimmed and shaped:


The other ends should be left straight. Also note that the first foam strip is narrower than the second. The foam strip that will be on the bottom should be slightly narrower than the width of the hook gap. The top foam strip should be slightly wider than the hook gap.



The narrow strip goes on first. As you can see, a length of foam about 1/3 hook shank protrudes over the end.


Now for the legs. My leg of choice comes in bundles:


I pull one strand off the bundle. Cut it in half so you have two even lengths. Cut each of those in half to give you four even lengths.


Now tie one strand in on the side of your fly. One or two soft loops follow by a hard wrap does the trick for me:


Do the other side. Should look like this


Now, we can put in the other foam strip. Do this the same way as before:


Now, we need to move our thread forward. To do this, we secure the BOTTOM foam strip and leave the TOP foam strip unsecured and wrap forward just a bit.


Now that we are in front of the legs and the TOP foam strip, we can tye in our hackle and finish securing the BOTTOM foam strip.


If you have not done so already, return your thread to the back of the hook where we tied in our hackle. We can dub the body now. Dub forward but leave some space for the head.


Now palmer the hackle.


We now have to trim the hackle flat on the top of the fly to give the foam a place to lay. Bring the foam strip accross and secure. I put alot of thread on the hook here because I'm trying to really secure the foam strip and create a smooth surface for the hair wing.


Time for the wing. The density of the wing is another one of the preference deals. You'll have to play with it to find what you like. However you don't want a tall wing, you want the Elk Hair to splay out a little and creat a wide wing. (Notice the wing just goes back to the hook bend). Trim up the butt ends of the Elk Hair and bring your thread forward up to where you would normally stop on any other fly. You want to dub this head backwards.



Your thread should be up at the eye of the hook. Starting your dubbing here and dub backwards to the body.


Remember how we did the back legs? Let's add another set to the front. Try to place the legs right in the center of each side of the head.


your should be looking like this:


Let's fold that TOP foam strip back over our head, tye it off, and whip finish right there.


I also trim the hackle flat on the bottom. That's a personal preference thing....Your fly ought to look something like this now:


Now that the fly is finished, we have some trimming to do. We just need to cut the BOTTOM strip off so we have a small head over the eye of the hook and we need to trim the end of that TOP foam strip in a V shape... it looks like this:


That's it! If I was able to lead your though the process your finished work of art should look like this:




Clean any foam trimmings off of your fly and apply head cement if you choose to do so...Finished!

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Excellent SBS!!!! :headbang:


going to have to tie these bad boys up, look like a killer for basss, and bluegils.

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very well put together SBS, nice job. I can see this working great at a couple of our local ponds :)



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Thanks guys. I didn't know if I was clear and concise or not! Thanks for the encouragement, and more SBS tutorials to come.

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Great step by step :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Gonna have to tie a few of these myself. Thanks!!!!!

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