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Fly Tying
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Woven Spinner II

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Place thread on needle as shown with thread in material holder.


Wrap thread back over embroidery thread as shown.


Remove thread from material holder and wrap around embroidery thread. Take bobbin and tie down this loose end and tie off with a whip finish or knot of chose.


Turn vise away from yourself. This weave is just a simple overhand knot or grannie knot. Tie this knot the same way every time. If you do, it will alternate the color and spiral the tail.


Pull the thread tight and turn the knot as shown.


This tail takes 20 knots to get the length. Remove from needle and trim ends as shown.


Place on hook and tie down and cut excess material.


Tie in Foam and eyes as shown


Stack deer hair and cut to the length of wing you want. Tie down with tips facing to back of hook.


Take scissor tips or something and divide hair and pull foam between hair and tie down.


Take foam and place over eyes. Tie down and finish off head


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