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HELP! Spoon Fly Template

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Hey everyone! I am having a hard time finding a template on the internet for a spoon fly - one that I can cut out and trace onto my copper tape. Does anyone have any handy or know a place where I can find them? Thanks so much! Also, what are some suggestions for tail color and bead eyes? Thanks a million!

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Tightlines, you might want to just buy a spin fishing spoon and use that as your template. Spoon flies vary in shape from tear drop to a narrow strip to a little width in the front and getting a little fatter in the back but not as drastic as a tear drop. Important is a little curve or small depression toward the rear.

A side note, I would strongly recommend adding the weight to the shank and forgo the tailing material. Tailing material may not hinder the wobble of a spin casting spoon likely because of the weight of the metal. However, anything added to the hook to make it more "fly-like" will hinder the action you desire in a spoon and that includes bead chain. Granted, there are some spoon flies with tailing material and bead chain but I promise you they do not have the action of one without.


Good luck, spoon flies sure do put the meat in the cooler; I rarely fish them any more unless the redfish just absolutely refuse everything else.



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