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Fly Tying
Curtis Fry

Zaggin' Zook

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Curtis one thing i like about your Zaggin' Zook is that it is smaller and can be modified for smaller patterns. The Pole Dancer is a BIG fly and used for mainly strippers, bigger largemouths, pike and muskie, but where i fish the bass dont get really big so i can tie it in smaller sizes for the smaller fish.


Good point. Plus, the Rainy's popper bodies I use come in three sizes, so I can scale it accordingly. Rumor has it they might be custom manufacturing these Zook bodies come 2011...


Pole dancer actually comes in 3 sizes and the small is pretty small but I wouldn't say it's for panfish etc..


I just find it fascinating that two people trying to solve the same problem came up with just about the same pattern/solution to the problem. Nice job Curtis.

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nice tutorial. The walk the dog action always seems to produce more fish than normal poppers. I tied up a few for spotted trout and redfish and i'm gonna tie one for largemouths to. Zara spooks caught some of my biggest fish so hopefully this fly will do the same. Thanks again for the tutorial.

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Feather-Craft has a youtube video on their site with someone demonstrating tying the BC Dodger, a Pole Dancer Look-a-like. They also have some kits available on the site.


The video goes into pretty good detail with some important aspects of the tye which make the fly dance.






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