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Fly Tying
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Pike/Muskie Flies

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Since bass season isn't open up here yet and I just bought a new 9wt. I have had a hankering to get out and fly fish. Just hoping you could share your favorite pike/muskie flies!


I have been throwing mainly: deceivers, half & half's, and clousers


I want to tie and try out some MOAL's but I don't have cross-cut rabbit or two vises (I understand that is the easy way)! :unsure:


What else should I give a shot?

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Big bunny leeches in single or two tone colors, and Dahlberg divers are the only other thing I would think about. Otherwise I think you've got it covered.

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The Woolly Bully is a great a great pike and muskie fly


Here is the link to a giant one that I tied and posted



Here is a link to the original (as featured in "Hatches"), by it's inventor.



This is my "go to' pike fly.


Another great fly is a "Bunker Fly" tied with a synthetic material. I tie it in a number of colors... Chart/White; Black/Yellow; Red/White


Here's a link to one I posted



Three components I try to include in every pike fly... some red to look like blood or gills, a lateral line and eyes. Those are big triggers for pike.

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