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Fly Tying
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Taylor B. Hess

10 days in the Florida Wilderness...not quite.

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any help on fly selection? I'm not a regular warmwater fisherman. I'll be hunting the elusive Suwanee bass and Shoal bass along with the trophy Florida Largemouth. :help: :shocking:

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A few poppers would do you well :devil:




I imagine that you want to cover your bases and not strictly trophy fish, right? Florida is full of fish and by upsizing your flies you can cut out some of the little stuff. But, if you want to cast the widest net, here's what I would load up with:


  • White and Chartreuse/White clousers - sizes #4 to 1/0
  • Black, brown/orange, and olive wooly buggers - #8 - #1
  • Poppers of your choice - my biggest largemouth ever was on a chartreuse/pink gurgler 2/0
  • Sliders - I prefer small conical deerhair head flies with marabou tails
  • Generic baitfish patterns - your choice, deceivers, etc.


If you want to throw some meat, pick a few of your favorite big deer hair poppers, or Musky patterns like widow angels, etc. I live on a lake in South Florida and strictly flyfish for bass. If you want to shoot me an e-mail or PM. I'd be happy to continue the conversation, since I don't pop in here as much as I'd like to. If you want to PM your address I'll send you along an eclectic assortment that should get you through a few days ;)



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