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The Man Cave

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Closed on our house yesterday, and it actually looks as if my son and I will have a spare room for our very own... My fly tying bench will be right in front of a window, and my handloading workbench will be along the other wall... If it wasn't for that whole "WORK" thing getting in the way, I'd be all set.


I need a good rod rack to hang all our rods up on a wall off the floor- 8 to 10 rods... what does everyone recommend for a rack?

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If you have some basic woodworking tools you can build your own racks.. I built some for all my casting and spinning rods.. Each rack holds 12 rods and I fit 3 racks on the ceiling of my man cave/fishing room.. Plus then I bought a couple Quantum wooden display racks that stand on the floor and hold 8 rods on each side.. This is what I have been using for my fly rods and float rods..


for ceiling or horizontal wall racks you need:

- 1" x 4" x 8' pine or what ever you want

-1" x 2" or 2" x 2" strapping -depends how far off the wall or ceiling you want the rack.


Then you cut the 1" x 4" in half so you have Two 4' pieces. (You can make these as long or short as you want).. Next drill as many equally spaced 2.5" holes as you can in ONE length of 1x4.

Now, on length number TWO, You place number ONE on top and drill 1" or 1.5" holes in the piece number TWO, You want the holes to be in the center of the 2.5" holes when you have the 2 boards overlapped.


I hope I explained that properly. It's kinda hard to explain without diagrams or pictures.


NOW, You take piece number TWO with all the 1.5" holes and cut 1/2" slots on an angle from the edge of the board to the side of the holes.. When these are mounted on the ceiling or wall, you slide the handle of the rod into the large holes, then the tip of the rod can go up through the slot and into the small hole. If you cut your slots on a proper angle you will have a ridge that hold the rod from falling back out of the slot.


I will try to get some pictures of the racks I built for anyone that needs to see what I'm talking about..





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I agree with Chris with building your own. Trust me I have NO WOODWORKING SKILLS what so ever (I'm former welder so obviously wood is a foreign material to me :lol: ) Yet with just a jig saw, drill and hole saw I built my own in about 2 hrs and only about $18 worth of materials.


I also have some of the Bass Pro Shops ones as well, they work fine but they arent as nice of wood as what you can make yourself.


Here's the I built for myself...




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