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Fly Tying

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This is my first SBS so hopefully you all are able to follow along.


Congo Hair Sunfish

Thread: Mono (I use 2lb Maxima Ultragreen)

Hook: 1/0 Bass Bug

Flash: Angel Hair

Body: Red, Yellow, Golden Stone, Caddis Tan, Olive and Orange Congo Hair

Eyes: 1/4" Red Prismatic Domed Eyes

Weed Guard: 40lb Maxima

Add'l tools needed: Comb, Black Permanent Marker, lighter (to melt ends of weedguard)



1) First attach your thread to the hook. Mono thread is slippery so be extra certain that you lock it in place.



2) Cut a 3" piece of 40lb mono and melt both ends so they have a little ball on each end. Tie in your weedguard to the back of you hook and down the bend.



3) Tie in a few strands of Angel Hair



4) Tie in a short section of red Congo Hair on the top of the hook shank and then tie in a second short section on the bottom of the hook shank. Cut the ends so that they are the same length.



5) Tie in a section of Yellow Congo Hair on the top and then tie in a second section on the bottom of the hook. Use the High Tying technique to tie in your Congo Hair, and remember Less is More. When you think you have the right amount of congo hair use half of that. Don't worry about trimming anything, we will do that at the end.



6) This is where we start using different colors on the top than we do on the bottom. From this point on, we will only use Olive on the top. You always want to

tie a section on the top and then a section on the bottom and alternate between top and bottom. This will give you an even body.



7) Next we tie in 2 sections of Golden Stone on the bottom (alternating between Olive on top and Golden Stone on the bottom)



8) Then we tie in 3 sections of Caddis Tan on the bottom (alternating between Olive on top and Caddis Tan on the bottom)



9) Next 4 sections of Orange are tied in on the bottom (alternating between Olive on top and Orange on the bottom)



10) Tie in the loose end of your weedguard to the bottom of the shank and create your head. Whip finish and cement.



That was the easy part, this is where the fun really begins.


11) Take your fly out of the vice and comb out both sides so that it is as tangle free as possible. This also helps blend the colors together a bit.



12) Rough cut the shape of your fly. Don't try to be too detailed here, we are just trying to get rid of the extra material.




13) Comb out the fly a second time



14) Make your final cut. Take your time here, and cut a little bit away at a time until you are satisfied with the shape of your fly.



15) Take your permanent marker and make spots on both sides of the fly. (Everywhere but on the Orange section)



16) Affix your eyes on both sides of the hook shank. You can use a drop of your preferred super glue here if you'd like. And that is it, you now have a Sunfish ready to attract some large hungry bass.



The great thing about these flies is that if they lose their shape you just comb them out. If they get a bit scraggly you just trim them up. Tight lines everyone!

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Has anyone had any luck with this thing? I got my Xmas box of congo hair and am looking to tie up some things, but I am looking for some patterns that work. Any luck with this?

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I tried my hand at tying them. Mine are not at all that good looking, but I threw them in the water just the same. While I did not catch anything, I did have several chases and a few strikes - I don't think I used a big enough hook. I also used a little softex to help them hold their shape. The fly weighs barely more than the hook itself, and CH does not absorb water, so it can be cast on a smaller rod.


It's an awesome pattern.

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Always wanted to tie some of these but never buy the materials when i'm at the shop. Sweet fly i gotta tie some up.

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