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Fly Tying

Another sweet eBay score!

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So I spotted a neat little box on eBay a couple weeks ago. It was a wooden cube (almost) with two removable shelf/trays that I really wanted to use for a camper box. As I read deeper in to the auction, there are pictures of several packs of hooks, 5 bobbins, 3 hemostats, 2 cheapo scissors, a few spools of thread & tinsel, some decent hackle, a couple of zingers, a couple of knot tiers, 15 spools of Umpqua tippet materia (2lb-40lb and I believe all sizes in between), and a BRAND NEW REGAL MEDALLION VISE with the standard bronze pedestal. All for $144 shipped. :yahoo: :yahoo:


It got here today and I can't wait to play with it...

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Here's the box



With the trays out



Tray 1




Tray 2



Some tweezers



More tools



Scissors & Hemostats



Some of the hooks



15 spools of tippet material



A blood knot tool



Some extra bobbins



The box & vise



Vise base



Vise head



I didn't get to use it last night. :crying: And I'm playing carpenter this weekend and framing out a friends basement so I likely won't even see it until sometime next week...


The vise seems to be absolutely new. There isn't even a scratch in the jaws. The base still has a small sticky spot from the price tag (I assume). There were 3 flies in there that I believe were tied by whoever sold this (very crude - looked just like my very first three), and maybe 10 more that I think were store bought (basically perfect flies), so I'm guessing there were a grand total of 3 hooks ever clamped in this thing.


Now I just need to divide the 'home' tools from the 'travel' tools and separate out some common materials and pick a weekend to sit by the river and scare fish with my horrible casting...

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Well darn, sorry you can't play with your new toys right away. But man what a sweet deal. Have fun scaring the fish!

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"...and maybe 10 more that I think were store bought (basically perfect flies)..."

I'd hardly call store bought flies "perfect" :ph34r: Anyways, great find it looks like solid craftsmanship and the tools and vise will serve you well, I'm sure.

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