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Fly Tying


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13 scuds


SCUD SWAP - due Oct 15


All swaps rules apply. Please remember toe tags. I love these little things.


Here is a great link on scuds, give it a look. SCUD info


First 13 with " I'm In " is making scuds.


Meister - horseshoes - size 14 lead free from a picture scud -done

  1. Sjo -grey scud #14 -arrived
  2. Devinkaradeema - Green Bean - dropped out
  3. gpd4 - Golden Redspot Scuds - arrived
  4. salmonid - pink baby-arrived
  5. Sully TM - Left Coast Scud -arrived
  6. ozzy1038 -no-name -dropped out
  7. fishingbobnelson - Lees Ferry Shrimp Sz 12- arrived
  8. atroutbum2 - sz 16 grey scud or pink - arrived
  9. FrequentTyer - Tucker Scud with the Potts weave - arrived
  10. Bud Guidry -orange backed scud-arrived
  11. professori - moulting scud-arrived
  12. riffleriversteelheadslayer-he's waiting on Bud -arrived
  13. Geozip - Olive scud - arrived

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I'm in if you take European tiers.




I'll do a gray scud # 14

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