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Great Steven's Ghost

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trout,almon anglers fishing the famous Rangeley Lakes region of Maine realize they are within a few canoe paddle strokes of the home of the Grey Ghost, one of the most popular flys ever tied. Still few have heard of Carrie Stevens, the creator of the fly.


Stevens lived with her husband, a Maine fishing guide, in a modest cottage beside a portage trait between Mooselookmeguntic and Upper Richardsons lakes, both noted for brook trout and landlocked salmon. On July 1, 1924, she was busy with housework when she got and idea for a streame. "I suddenly had and inspiration of dressing a streamer fly with gray wings to imitate a smelt," she said. To this day the smelt is the primary forage fish in both lakes. It didn't take Steven's long to fashion a creation that had two hackle wings and an underbody of white bucktail. As and afterthought she added several other feather " which i thought enhanced its appearance and its resemblance to a baitfish," she said.


Carrie Steven's tooik it immediately to the nearby Upper Dam pool where she landed a 6-pound 13-ounce brook trout. A Connecticut banker also fishing the pool that day witnessed her catch and suggested she name the fly Gray Ghost. Word of the amazing Gray Ghost spread quickly through the angling world and Steven's was swamped with orders for the fly. " Soon i found i was in the flytying business," she said.


Carrie Stevens continued to tie her popular flies until her death in 1970. Her friends and admirers have erected a plaque in her memory across the portage trail from the Stevens cottage.



Robert M. Gooch.





I just thought it was a good story people should here. Hope everyone liked it.

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