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Fly Tying
Babe Jo

JC's Shrimp Fly

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Thank U all for liking it.


This Shrimp fly has been successfully used for many fresh water fishes. But have not tried on Saltwater yet. But whichever fish that feed on Shrimp will definitely take it.



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Hi there...a real nice tie for sure..maybe some of my info can 'enhance' your fly a bit..I've found a very interesting soft plastic material which you can incorporate into the shrimp to be used as..'antenna..and legs'..the material is found in craft shops that deal with bead making, I use 5mm for the antenna, and 7mm for the legs [which gives them a bit more strength]..here is a pic of the shrimp that I make using it...please your comments are needed..........ArticWolf



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