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Bluegill Swap: Your Favorite Bluegill Fly

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Thanks to everyone who has reported the arrival of their flies so far. Hopefully everyone else will have theirs in hand next week. It really was a nice set of flies.


Bullgill, I am running a Terrestrials swap right now, & there will be some great 'gill flies to come out of that one as well. Their is already a picture of some foam bees over there. Check it out. Unfortunately, that swap is full, and the forum rules are that I can only run one swap at the time. Someone else may post a 'gill swap, and my Terrestrials swap won't end until the last of January. But I will probably be posting another one sometime toward the end of January or the first of February. If you interested, you may keep an eye out for that one. I'll try to remember ot keep you in mind when I post another swap. I'm already thinking about what the theme of my next 'gill swap might be, but haven't come to any solid decisions yet.


Take care




Thanks! I will keep an eye out, but if you can remember, when you do another Bluegill swap, just count me in!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Mine got here a couple of days ago...Great job. I will have to noodle a bunch of these out so I can tie them as well.


Frank aka Student4evr

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I'm on my way back home after spending Christmas in IL. Currently I'm held up in a hotel on the East side of SD waiting for a statewide blizzard to pass through. I'm sure the swap flies are sitting at the post office right now. It's nice to know I've still got one last Christmas present waiting on me when I get home. Can't wait to see em!


---Got my flies in today. These are some great flies. All are very neat and clean! I know some fat bluegills and maybe some carp and even a trout or two that will love these!

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