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Easy starter flies?

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I am quite new to fly tying in general. Only about 4 months ago did I start. I have recently dabbled in tying realistic ants and was wondering if I could get some pointers as to some good beginer patterns. Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Hey Nick. Welcome. This forum is a great place to start. You will pick up lots of tips and techniques. Realistic tying applies mostly the same skills that you would use to tie any fly, plus a large dose of ingenuity. As a relatively new tier, make sure to start with something that won't discourage you. We all have to start somewhere. Keep tying traditional flies to hone your skills. The usual things like thread control, proportions, etc., are all important. There are terrific tutorials available from members of this forum on their respective websites. Andrés Toucada, Fred Hanne, etc. A great book that I often refer to is Paul Whillock's, Flies As Art. In this book, you can see a particular fly both as a super realistic, and a fishable realistic. I think fishable realistics are a good place to start. They often have fewer steps, and are more impressionistic than anatomically correct show flies. Check out Paul Whillocks fishable, realistic beetle. That's a good pattern to start with. Not too many materials but a great looking fly.


Good luck and stick with it,


Bruce C

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I don't know if i would guide you to any pattern or style of tying at this time I truely think you need to try them all and see what works for you?


My thought to you as a second yr realistic tyer would be;


what are your thoughts and what do you want to do with this type of tying?


Any fly can be as complex or simple as you would like, you are the only person that can decide that, pick a bug? Keep it fun post your creations and lots of others like Fred, British Mike, Andres and many others will be glad to help you develop! Just keep your mind open and positive about constructive comments! This site has helped me to develop as a realistic tyer and my adventure has only begun! This is the greatest site and there are a great bunch of tyers on here that will help you!

Welcome to the realistic adventure !!!!!


God Bless,

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